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Part 10 of The Rose of Versailles dresses.

Part 10 of The Rose of Versailles dresses.

Part 9 of The Rose of Versailles dresses.

Part 8 of The Rose of Versailles dresses.

Part 7 of The Rose of Versailles dresses.

Part 6 of The Rose of Versailles dresses.

Part 5 of The Rose of Versailles dresses.

Again, there are too many to discuss individually, but Marie’s poses in picture 6 and the top of picture 9 look kind of awesome. Yeah, Lady Oscar is the actual badass of the series (even more in the anime), and the actual context of these shots is Marie’s royal pride about speaking to Madame du Barry, but just look at these shots out of context.

In an action series, picture 6 would be accompanied by a catch phrase, and then followed by some super attack or badass beatdown on the bad guy. Then the top of picture 9 would be her showing the bad guy that she’s not someone to take lightly.

Seriously, someone should to a spinoff of this show, where Oscar, Marie, and others are ass kicking magical girls.

Just for the hell of it, I’ll spend the next few days posting pictures of the many other pretty dresses in Rose of Versailles. I won’t bother rating them, just to save time.

Pictures 1-3: Marie Leszczyńska of Poland, wife of Louis XV of France, wearing a gown and cape lined with jewelry trimmed ermine, and decorated with the fleur-de-lis.

4: A sketching of Marie Antoinette, but likely just slapping her head on picture 3 (basically ye olde photoshoppe).

5: Marie Antoinette in art for Rose of Versailles, wearing that cape and dress.

6-7. Maria Josepha of Saxony, second wife of the Dauphin of France and Louis XVI’s mother, wearing a dress trimmed with floral brocade and ermine, and an ermine-lined cape.

The first dress is very likely what inspired Marie’s grand dress in RoV, particularly with the fourth picture making it look as though Marie actually wore it (whether she did is unknown, as there aren’t any actual portraits as far as I know).

The other dress in the last picture not only is very similar to the first, the pose in 6 is also almost exactly the same as this shot in the anime.

Outfit Rating (both):

Silver Star

These have more decorations than the dress in RoV, but it’s a bit too much for my tastes. Maria Josepha’s dress is better though, as the floral embroidery is more pleasing than having the fleur-de-lis just slapped all over the fabric like a wallpaper design.

Marie Antoinette’s ermine-trimmed dress, this time in episode 2 of the Rose of Versailles manga.

While it’s still a wonderful dress, I’m not as impressed with this version, as the animation limitations lose some of the detail. It’s understandable, but still makes the dress feel it isn’t as lovely as it could be.

Marie Antoinette in the Rose of Versailles manga, wearing a dress and cape each trimmed with bejeweled ermine.

Was waiting to pose the outfit that inspired this blog’s avatar, and since it’s my birthday, I figured this is as good a time as any.

Rose of Versailles is a shoujo manga from the 70s that got adapted into an anime, and both are considered to be really influential on romance and historical genres for these media.

I’m not a big fan of the overall story (the drama is often a bit too hokey and over the top for my tastes), but I am a fan of the art. This is a beautiful story to look at, especially the costumes. And the grandest one to me is Marie’s dress and cape with the white ermine trimming, that itself is trimmed with jewels.

She has to give it up when she goes from Austria to France (which actually was a custom for many royal brides from other countries), although she gets a similar dress for her husband’s coronation.

After this I’ll be posting how the dress looks in the anime, the real life dresses that inspired it, and the various other lovely dresses in this series.

Outfit Rating:

Gold Star

It’s an absolutely lovely dress. Although such a dress would have even more decorations in real life, those tend to look like too much. Here, it’s making the dress opulent, but not ostentatious, which the series does to many of the dresses of the time.

That was likely to avoid having to spend too much time drawing all that detail, but the effect still actually improves on the dresses.

Elizabeth Rachel Felix wearing a blue dress trimmed with ermine and an ermine-lined cape.
She was a notable French theater actress in the 19th century, having many lovers, including Napoleon’s son and the future Napoleon III.
Outfit Rating:

Not sure if if this was for a play or just for a portrait, but it’s a grand dress regardless.

Elizabeth Rachel Felix wearing a blue dress trimmed with ermine and an ermine-lined cape.

She was a notable French theater actress in the 19th century, having many lovers, including Napoleon’s son and the future Napoleon III.

Outfit Rating:

Silver Star

Not sure if if this was for a play or just for a portrait, but it’s a grand dress regardless.

Jennifer Lopez in The Cell, wearing a white dress decorated with white feathers.

I never really had an interest in seeing this movie. The premise seemed like an excuse to make a bunch of trippy sets and costumes. And I’m not a fan of stuff that tries to be all weird and trippy but acts as though it’s deep in how it does it.

I get stuff like surrealism and dadaism. I just don’t think it works when it clashes with what a story is going for.

Outfit Rating:

Bronze Star

It’s actually a neat concept, but the arrangement doesn’t really work for me. The trimmings should work with the simplicity of the dress, not clash with it.

A follow up to this post, here is another picture of that spectacular white ermine skirt, a couple more of that lovely white ermine blouse, and one of a cape with a white ermine collar.

I also found out the model for the skirt is Barbara Cailleux, and either the skirt or ensemble is apparently called “Shéhérazade”.

Again, the skirt gets a Gold Star. Even though I’m not a fan of the floor-length back and above-the-ankle cut for a skirt, it works with this one (as it’s not nearly as silly as it can be for other dresses). Plus I would love to see a skirt like that worn more often.

The blouse still gets a Silver, although I’m not sure about the cape. I guess I’d have to see it from other angles.

Hello Nurse in Animaniacs, in the episode “King Yakko”, as the prime minister of Anvilania. She’s wearing a purple dress with a blue cape and ermine trim just below the hips.

I like Animaniacs. Being a teen at the time, it wasn’t one of the biggest shows of my childhood, but that it still kept me watching shows how well the show was done (for the most part; Katy Kaboom was a terrible sketch).

This episode was applying their own spin to Duck Soup (since the Warnere Brothers, and The Warner Sister, were largely based on the Marx Brothers), but fortunately didn’t come across as just rehashing it.

Outfit Rating:

Silver Star

Yeah, I’ll give it this. The outfit is simple and stylish, even though it clearly does some cartoony stretching at points (and I don’t just mean to fit her figure).