Fuck Yeah Fur Dresses

The cleric class of Disgaea wearing a black and red dress with a slit skirt, flared hem, and white fur neckline. Also the witch class of Phantom Brave wearing a dress and hat trimmed with white fur, and Rozalin of Disgaea 2 wearing a red and black dress with massive bows and ribbons.

I’ve mentioned in another blog “Fuck Yeah Video Game Ports” that I really love the Disgaea series, and their sister games. If you are a fan of Strategy RPGs, these are some of the best.

Outfit Rating (cleric and witch):

Bronze Star

The witch’s dress looks more like a long shirt than a dress, and the cleric’s dress could work if the silhouette was a bit better, and those chunky bracelets/handcuffs/whatever throw it off even more.

Outfit Rating (Rozalin):

Silver Star

She’s supposed to look like a demon princess, and it is pretty novel that this is a demonic princess dress instead of the typical skimpy clothing that demonesses are shown in.

Of course being novel doesn’t mean much if the execution is weak, but this dress is really cool.

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